woman showing small electronic device to another woman When you think of technology from the perspective of people with vision loss, you can think of two broad categories:
  • General technology: such as computers, smartphones and cell phones, GPS devices, etc.
  • Assistive technology: items designed specifically to help people with vision loss or other disabilities, including everything from screen readers for blind individuals or screen magnifiers for low-vision computer users, video magnifiers and other devices for reading and writing with low vision, to braille watches and braille printers.
AFB’s goal is to provide you with the information you need to learn about available technology and even discover new ways to use technology to enhance your everyday life. We’re pleased to provide you with:
  • AccessWorld®, AFB’s monthly online technology magazine with reviews of technology products and online resources for people with vision loss
  • A searchable database of assistive technology and independent living products
  • Tips on selecting and using everyday technology, like computers and accessible cell phones
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Highlights of AFB’s Work on Accessible Design and Technology Issues

  • Advocacy in Washington, DC, on prominent issues like cell phone accessibility
  • AFB Consulting, a branch of AFB that works with clients across the retail, telecommunications, finance, education, and technology industries to advance their accessibility and inclusion goals