Sports and athletics are everywhere: in every school, every town, every state. Even though continuous worker turnover makes jobs in this field abundant, succeeding still takes having in-depth knowledge of the field coupled with a strategy for getting your foot in the door. You need to understand the many complexities of the sports world and we don’t mean being the star player on someone’s team. There is much more to working in this field than just playing the game. Read these stories to get a sense of the variety of occupations that are out there.

Tips: Few are those who become famous or make sports, but there are still a lot of perks that come with a career in this field. If you want to break into sports and athletics, you must learn the sports industry inside and out, become familiar with the many different jobs available and create a network of well informed people who can give you the right tips and advice for pursuing this kind of work.

Questions: Can you get a sports internship at a college or university if you are not the athlete? How do you get started if you want to become an agent or recruiter? Which jobs are best for entry-level workers?

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