When thinking about jobs in the field of law, do your thoughts tend to land on lawyers or judges? Did you know that there are a lot of other interesting, well-paying jobs in the legal profession? State and federal laws and government policies, procedures, and regulations are constantly changing, and private law practices and large law firms have rising caseloads. These elements keep the demand high for knowledgeable, talented legal workers, and staff for local, state, and federal courts.

If you are interested in the legal field but the amount of education and training it takes to become a lawyer or judge does not appeal to you, there are a wide variety of specialists, legal support professionals, and research positions to consider.

Questions: Are you comfortable speaking in public? Is it okay that your social and family life will have to take a backseat to school and even your practice? Do you think you can deal with the amount of stress related to the jobs these people have talked about?

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