The APH ConnectCenter reached out to some friends who are successful in their own right, and they all happen to be blind or visually impaired. These individuals include an adventurer / public speaker, a corporate vice-president, a composer and producer, a fitness trainer and Paralympian, accessibility specialists, corporate professionals, financial analysts, a computer scientist, engineers, lawyers, actors, voice-over performers, consumer group leaders and advocates, a celebrity chef and. Restauranteur, and many others. They share a little bit about themselves and give some great advice for graduates.

In our current time, with graduations not formally happening, the American Printing House for the Blind wanted to put together a salute to all of our students who are blind or visually impaired graduating from high school and college.

Watch these videos and learn from these successful people! The videos will be released over the next 3 weeks and posted here. APH hopes that these graduating students will be featured in their own videos in the years to come!