Building Your Future

Would you like some career counseling from an expert? Need to develop your employment skills? Check out these audio lectures delivered by Dr. Karen Wolffe at the first annual VISIONS Employment & Technology Institute: Building Your Future 2007. This conference provided strategies to sharpen employment skills, develop networking strategies, and gain hands-on experience with the latest assistive technologies. Dr. Wolffe delivered the keynote address and a lecture on building resumes and successful interviewing.

Audio Files

Cornerstone to Success: Work

Listen to Dr. Wolffe as she discusses the importance of work in the lives of people with visual disabilities. It isn’t just about being independent and getting a paycheck, it’s about your unique contribution to society. Hear Dr. Wolffe’s strategies for finding the best job for you.

Interviewing: Top 10 Tips

Dr. Wolffe shares her considerable expertise in career counseling by offering advice on preparing for the job interview, including how to create a power resume. Did you know the first two minutes of a job interview can land you the job of your dreams—or not?