Meet Aaron, a forward-thinking, awesome teen determined to get a job. Have fun and learn how to navigate common obstacles as you go with him on his adventures in employment!

Episode One

Listen to Resume Genie (Audio)

First things first; prepare that resume. It really doesn’t take a genius. Or, a genie.

Episode Two

Watch Dress & Impress (Video)

Learn how to make those all important job interviews your own success story.

Episode Three

Listen to Attack of the Coworkers (Audio)

Now that Aaron has landed that all-important first job, see how he handles his well-meaning but uninformed co-workers’ mistakes about blind people.

Episode Four

Listen to Attitude Adjusters (Audio)

Are you ready to wrestle with some of the topics on the newest segment in the series, “Aaron’s Adventures in Employment?” APH CareerConnect introduces the “Attitude Adjusters.”

Episode Five

Listen to College-Ready Challenge (Audio)

Are you ready for college? Listen and participate as two high school students who are visually impaired compete to find out if they are “college ready.” Find out a few differences between high school and college.

Episode Six

Watch Aaron’s Graduation (Video)

Rock out with Aaron as he dreams about all of his “Adventures in Employment.” Aaron ponders high school graduation and what will come next.