From networking to guidance seeking, having a successful job search often depends on forming relationships with other people. CareerConnect offers a few ways to help you meet people who might prove to be important to your employment process.

The CareerConnect Mentor Program

With mentors from the U.S., Canada, and now the United Kingdom, the CareerConnect Mentor Program puts you directly in touch with a mentor in your field of interest. Mentors are professionals with vision loss or blindness who have volunteered their time and expertise to the AFB community and are available to answer questions and provide advice to job seekers like yourself about employer expectations; job requirements, education, and training; salaries; and the future prospects of their field.

Firsthand Experience Working With Vision Loss

Since our mentors all have some level of vision impairment or blindness, they are fantastic sources of firsthand information about workplace accommodations, assistive technologies, the disclosure process, the pitfalls and triumphs associated with the social aspects of working, and any other questions you might have about entering the workforce or changing careers as a person with vision loss.

Find a Mentor Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired

You’ll need to register to communicate with a mentor, so if you haven’t already, set up a My CareerConnect account today. You can learn more about many of our mentors, and see the variety of professions they represent, by reading Personal Stories.

Informational Interviews

Conducting research in the form of informational interviews can be another great way to meet people in your field. An informational interview will give you critical information that will help you make good decisions in your job search and add someone to your professional network.

CareerConnect Message Boards

Ask and answer employment-related questions on the CareerConnect message boards. Share information and experiences on a variety of topics with people with vision loss who are working or are in the midst of the employment process. You’ll need to register to post to the boards, so if you haven’t already, set up an account today.

The Visually Impaired Job Seeker’s Toolkit

The Visually Impaired Job Seeker’s Toolkit contains a wealth of information on how to define, expand, and use your professional network in the employment process. If you’re not sure where to get started, the Toolkit will help you get going with targeted lessons and exercises.

You’ll need to register to use the Toolkit, so if you haven’t already, set up a My CareerConnect account today.