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Purpose of lesson: To learn about different ways to find job leads.

Materials needed: Access to the CareerConnect website


“One of the most exciting chapters of your employment story is getting hired. While it is possible to be approached and offered a job, most often the task of finding a job will rest on the job seeker. Job seeking can, and often should, be a full-time job.”

Discussion: Organization

“There are two general approaches to accomplishing tasks. You can choose to schedule time to make sure your priorities are taken care of. For example, you can schedule time to complete homework, study for exams, or work out. The other choice is to ‘get around to it.’ Under that structure, while your intentions may be good, your tasks will most likely be dismissed, forgotten, or rushed in the last possible minute. With the end result in mind, how important are your goals and priorities? How important is getting hired?

“An organized and efficient job search begins with management of your time and work space. Let’s read two CareerConnect articles on those subjects.”

Organize Your Space

Manage Your Time

Discussion: Hidden Treasure

“Uncovering the right job is much like an archeologist unearthing an old treasure. It takes time, resilience, and a lot of planning. What types of jobs are you willing to work while searching for the ‘best’ fit?”

Ask each student to describe his or her ideal job, the hidden treasure.

Exercise: Job Search

Have your students independently read Finding Job Leads and 10 Steps to Start Your Job Search.

Exercise: Ideal Job

Ask each student to use the Useful Links for Job Seekers Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired to locate his or her ideal job. He or she can provide the class with a description of the job and its responsibilities, qualifications, and salary.


“Today we discussed finding job leads. We learned to find jobs in an organized manner and to persist in locating the hidden treasure, while remembering that any work is beneficial.”

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