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Purpose of lesson: To reveal positive work habits that showcase and support employable skills.

Materials needed: Access to the CareerConnect website


“Today we will discuss positive work habits. Poor work habits detract from your employable skills and unique personality. For instance, you may be a marvelous professional violinist, but your skills will not be the focus if you are consistently late for rehearsals or performances. Strong work habits, on the other hand, will support and showcase your employable skills.”

Discussion: Strong Work Habits

“Let me further the example of a violinist. If a violinist (or single employee) is late or out of tune, the integrity of the entire orchestra (or workforce) suffers. Weak work habits have an effect on the team as a whole.

“What are examples of strong work habits?” Review the following CareerConnect article on building positive work habits and discuss how the work habits would look in the student’s specific career of interest.

Discussion: Cooperation

“One work habit we discussed was ‘cooperation’. A work environment is almost always a team environment. Getting along with others and pulling your weight on the job is imperative. In most cases, an employee who does not work well with others or consistently lets the team down will be replaced. Let’s examine a specific component of cooperation, good communication skills, by reading the article, Communicating on the Job.”

Exercise: Team Building Activity

Use a team building activity to demonstrate working and communicating well together. An example is Tom Wujec’s Marshmallow Challenge. Each team is given 20 uncooked spaghetti noodles, one roll of masking tape, and a marshmallow, and is told to build a freestanding structure with the entire marshmallow at the top. The team with the tallest structure wins.

Following the activity, ask the students if their group worked cohesively and if the group demonstrated positive communication.


“Today we learned the value of positive work habits, including good communication skills, and howstrong work habits allow you to become a supportive member of an employment team.”

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