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Purpose of lesson: To discover the importance of a personal networking in finding a job.

Materials needed: Access to the CareerConnect website


“Suppose you are the manager of a movie theater. You know the summer months are busiest and you want to hire two seasonal employees. You advertise the openings and receive 15 job applications in return. You recognize one applicant’s name, Gabrielle, who has been recommended by your best friend. Gabrielle babysat for your friend’s child last summer. According to your friend, Gabrielle was punctual, friendly, and very reliable.

“You don’t have personal recommendations or connections regarding other applicants. You would likely feel most confident choosing Gabrielle as a candidate to interview.”

Discussion: Your Personal Network

“The fact is, most people obtain jobs because they personally know someone who connects them with the employers who are hiring. This means you will likely find a job through your personal network. Your responsibility is to widen your network and strengthen your relationships.”

Exercise: The Role of Networking in Job Leads

Have your students read the first four paragraphs of CareerConnect’s article, Finding Job Leads.

Exercise: Developing Your Network

Have your students complete the first two sections of the self-assessment module in the Transition Toolkit.

Exercise: LinkedIn

Your students can read the article on using LinkedIn as a social networking tool. Consider giving the students an opportunity to register with LinkedIn and create a profile.

Discussion Questions

Suppose you want to find a part-time summer job this year. Who do you know locally who may be influential in your job hunt? (Consider every employed person you know well. Consider your doctor, sister, neighbor, members of a church or group to which you belong, etc.)

  • Would those in your network speak highly of you? Why or why not?
  • How could you expand your network?
  • How could you strengthen your ties? (For example, reconnecting with individuals.)


“Today we discovered the importance of a personal network in finding a job.”

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