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Purpose of lesson: To help the student gain an understanding of how an employer perceives a potential employee.

Materials needed: Access to CareerConnect


“Suppose you know a story is absolutely captivating, but the book cover is bare, sloppy, and appears poorly designed. It would be very difficult to encourage others to read a good book if it isn’t marketed well. A good book cover uses a palette of coordinating colors, an engaging image or design, and is bold, yet simple.”

Discussion: Your Book Cover

“Tell me, what is the ‘cover’ through which others are introduced to you?

“Here is how potential employers get to know you:

  • Your resume: a potential employer evaluates your education, experiences, and skill sets using your resume.
  • Your appearance: others quickly assess your level of neatness, appropriateness, and professionalism based on your cleanliness, grooming, and wardrobe choices.
  • Your social skills: others decide if you they would enjoy working with you based on your interest in others, humility, and ability to connect with others assertively.

“Present yourself intentionally! It would be very difficult to convince others to hire you, even if you would be a great asset to a company, if your ‘cover’ is sloppy and unprofessional.”

Exercise: Aaron’s Adventures in Employment

In order to gain fresh perspectives on resume development, appropriate appearance, and maintaining a positive attitude, your students can listen to/ watch the first four episodes of Aaron’s Adventures in Employment.

Exercise: Developing a Résumé

Your students can read an article on tips for devising personal data sheets and resumes.

Your students can review a sample resume.

Your students can read an article on developing a resume  which provides a link for using CareerConnect’s resume-building tool.


“Today we looked at presenting yourself in three areas: your resume, your appearance, and your social skills. These elements represent and promote you, just as a book cover represents and promotes a story.”

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