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Purpose of lesson: To begin a mentor relationship with an individual who is visually impaired and is currently working in the student’s career field of interest.

Materials needed: Access to the CareerConnect website


“Fast forward to the last chapter in your employment story. Read the ending. Find out where you worked, how you arrived there, and even what you wish you would have avoided. Sure would be nice, huh?! Of course we can’t read ahead, but perhaps the next best avenue for gaining employment advice is speaking with someone who is also visually impaired and is currently working in your career field of interest.”

Discussion: Mentors

“I can’t think of a better resource for gaining perspective on an intended career field than seeking information from one who is currently in the career.”

Describe a career-mentor you have had and how the mentor facilitated shaping and developing your own employment story.

Exercise: Reaching Out to Others

Have students independently read Reaching Out to Others, an article regarding mentors in Conducting a Successful Job Search, and develop a list of questions for a potential mentor.

Exercise: Contacting a Mentor

Each student should read the Tips for Contacting Mentors article and conduct a mentor search.

“Compose an email to each possible mentor. Remember to introduce yourself, ask pertinent questions, and thank each mentor for his or her time and expertise.”

Discussion Questions: Benefits of a Mentor

  • How can a mentor in your field of interest be valuable?
  • What information do you hope to learn from a mentor?
  • After you are established in a career, would you like to encourage and inform others by becoming a career-mentor yourself?


“Today we learned the value of gaining a mentor in your career field of interest. We contacted potential mentors using CareerConnect.”

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