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Purpose of lesson: To conduct a successful job search

Materials needed: Access to the CareerConnect website


“Let’s focus on the setting of your work story. In what type of environment would you like to work? Do you appreciate a quiet and solitary work space, the hustle and bustle of a restaurant kitchen at 7 pm, or the idea of working one-on-one as you provide physical or mental rehabilitation to a client? Describe your employment story’s ideal setting.”

Discussion: Seeking an Employment Match

“Perhaps you are not certain of your ideal work environment because you can’t decide what type of work is a good fit for you. The process of seeking a good employment match goes a little something like this:

  • Assess your interests, skills, and work-related priorities.
  • Search for careers (including employment settings) that match your interests and skills.
  • Conduct a discrepancy analysis: analyze the skills, training, and experience needed to be qualified in the careers you have selected.
  • If more than one career has been examined, choose one to pursue.
  • Develop an action plan: record steps to be taken in order to reach your career goal. Don’t forget to decide on deadlines and record dates for each goal. ”

Exercise: Conducting a Successful Job Search

Have students independently (or in groups of two) read the first two articles in Conducting a Successful Job Search and accomplish the activities within.

Article: Self-Awareness

Article: The Research Sequence

Discussion: Fast Growing Industries

“It’s a good idea to maintain an awareness of the ease or difficulty of finding a job in your desired career. Let’s examine fast and slow growing industries. Take this information into account when choosing careers to pursue.

  • Is your career of interest in a fast or slow growing industry?
  • Would you likely need to relocate in order to obtain a position in the field?”

Exercise: Virtual Worksite

Have students review the virtual worksites  for each career of interest and note the type of environment, as well as possible access technology.


“Today we investigated possible settings for your employment story.”

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