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Purpose of lesson: To gain perspective and motivation from others’ employment stories.

Materials needed: Access to the CareerConnect website


“You are now aware of your employment story and the importance of an introduction to work. Today we will get the perspectives of other people with visual impairments who hold a variety of positions in a broad spectrum of career fields. We can be inspired by, and learn from, these stories.”

Discussion: Example Story

“CareerConnect has a collection of interviews, essays, and profiles of people with visual impairments who want to share their stories. The overall focus is on employment stories, but there is hobbies and recreation section as well.

Listen as I read a fascinating Interview of Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind man in history to reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest.

  • What advice did Erik give for blind or visually impaired job seekers?
  • What did you think about or learn from his story?
  • What about this story inspired you?”

Exercise: Explore Others’ Stories

Each student should explore at least one story from each career field available, and explore all of the stories within his or her career fields of interest. Have the students communicate surprising and inspiring findings, note how first jobs were obtained, and recognize how early jobs prepared the individuals for future careers.

Discussion: Career Connect Message Boards

“You have read employment stories from other people and I hope you have found them intriguing, inspiring, and informative. Now I want you to have the opportunity to connect with other job seekers. CareerConnect has a message board with forums specific to working life, particular career fields, and a forum for solely for teens with vision loss. The message boards provide an avenue to share your experiences and ideas, exchange career advice, ask questions, seek answers, and gain awareness of other’s employment-related trials and triumphs.”

Exercise: Messaging

Students should review message boards of interest and connect with others. Explain that when writing messages, students should only provide their first name and never give any contact information.


“Today we learned from others’ employment stories and connected with others.”

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