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Purpose of lesson: To address elements of succeeding at work—employer’s expectations, negotiating assistance, and problem solving.

Materials needed: Access to the CareerConnect website


“Imagine you received a call after an interview and you got offered the job! You’re far from the completion of your employment story—you’ve simply entered the next chapter. This chapter is titled, ‘Succeeding at Work.’ You’re now past talking about the asset you will be to the team, and now you have the opportunity to be an asset.

We will discuss three elements of succeeding at work: exceeding employer’s expectations, negotiating assistance, and problem solving.”

Remind the students of previously addressed elements to succeeding at work: positive work habits and communicating on the job.

Discussion: Employer Expectations

“In order to exceed the expectations of your team and employer, you need to be familiar with their expectations. We will begin by reading Employer Expectations over Time. Next we will watch three employer interviews.

  • What did you find helpful and informative?
  • How do employer expectations change over time?
  • How can you exceed your employer’s expectations?”

Exercise: Expectations Presentation

Students can work in pairs to create a presentation for the class on employer expectations. Encourage students to seek at least two types of resources such as Internet sites and an employer interview.

Discussion: Negotiating Assistance

“Occasionally and appropriately asking for assistance on the job is completely acceptable. You will find that others will ask you for help as well. The goal is reciprocating assistance and working interdependently. We will read Tips on Negotiating Assistance. Understanding and implementing these principles are key for mutually satisfying, balanced relationships.”

Discussion: Problem Solving

“Problem solving is the second element needed to succeed at work. No matter the career you choose, you will inevitably encounter a variety of problems. In fact, even if you never participate in paid work, you will encounter a variety of problems. The problems may be relational, logistical, or specific to the line of work. It is helpful to understand a simple model to address, unravel, and solve issues as they arise.”

Read through Solving Problems at Work and offer to answer any questions. Ask the students to provide examples of problems they have successfully or unsuccessfully solved.

Exercise: Group Problem Solving

Ask students to each decide and record one problem that may arise in their desired career field. The class will listen to one problem at a time and together solve the problems. Have Internet access available and provide minimal assistance.


“Today we reviewed three elements necessary to succeeding at work: exceeding employer expectations, negotiating assistance, and problem solving.”

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