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Purpose of lesson: To teach students the value and benefits of developing employable skills and work habits, as well as participating in work experiences.

Materials needed: Access to the CareerConnect website


“What is your favorite story—movie, TV show, or book? Tell me about the main character and what makes him or her unique, complex, and interesting? What if I told you you are the main character of your life story? Whether or not you have landed your first job, you are already living your employment story.”

Discussion: Gaining Employable Skills and Positive Work Habits

“The main character of any good story is always growing and developing. His or her experiences are catalysts for growth. This is true of you and I as well.

“Is a 10-year-old child ready to act as the CEO of a large company? I doubt it. A 10-year-old has much to experience, learn, and practice before she can succeed in such a role.

“Consider yourself: What is your dream job? Do you have the necessary skills to succeed in such a role? Don’t be discouraged if the answer is ‘no.’ In fact, be encouraged to seek experiences and learning opportunities that will develop your skills and work habits.

“This is your employment story. Every story has an introduction. Introduce yourself to the world of work. Examine your interests and skills and jump on board. Develop and grow. Mature and strengthen your skill sets and work habits. Actively move toward your career goals one step and experience at a time.”

Exercise: Listen to Cornerstone to Success: WORK

“Let’s get motivated to jump into the world of work by listening to Dr. Wolffe discuss the importance of work in the lives of people with visual impairments. Work isn’t solely about being independent and getting a paycheck, it’s about making your unique contribution to society. Hear Dr. Wolffe’s strategies for finding the best job for you.”

Cornerstone to Success

Exercise: Watch the CareerConnect Teen Videos

“Who doesn’t like a good adventure story? Check out the short videos co-produced by CareerConnect and the Braille Institute that are written for teens with vision loss. The videos in the series, On Your Mark, Get Set…Go to Work, address the importance of first jobs and finding employment as a young adult. Interviews and footage of job sites where young adults are working include schools, offices, a call center, a lifeguard station, a restaurant, and a pet grooming center. In addition, there’s footage of a young woman working as a sign holder. Find out how these young adults found their jobs and what they think of working. The video includes detailed narration that brings the message of the video to anyone who cannot see the footage. In addition, a verbatim transcript with descriptions of the visual content is available.”

Employment Videos

Discussion: Relevant Questions

  • Where are you in your employment story?
  • What is the next step towards developing and maturing you, the main character?
  • What are the benefits of gaining any work experience?
  • What inspired you in the audio and video clips?


“Today we looked at your past, present, and future work as a developing story where you are the main character. In order to mature into meaningful, satisfying, and complex work, you must dive into the work scene and gain experience.”

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