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Purpose of lesson: To give the student the means to connect with others who share similar pastimes in order to demonstrate social networking.

Materials needed: Internet access


“Like most teenagers and adults, you probably feel the desire to fit in. You want to be belong, have close friends, and enjoy life with others. Joining a school or community club or group may be a good way to find people with similar interests. Let’s research what is available locally and you can choose whether or not to become a member.”

Discussion: Brainstorming

“Reflecting on your interests is a good starting point. What types of activities do you enjoy? What piques your curiosity?” (Examples: drama, singing, reading, learning a foreign language, fishing, bowling, hockey, church, running, crafting, exercise, or volunteering.)

“Suppose you enjoy running or think you may enjoy it, you can locate a running club. A group of people may meet throughout the local area every Saturday for a three mile run, share running tips, and prepare for races together. What a great way to network and connect with others!”

Exercise: Locate Opportunities

Have the student find local organizations, groups, and clubs. Resources may include the student’s school office, YMCA, community centers and the internet. Investigate details (meeting dates and times, cost, requirements, and participation expectations) of groups that match student’s interests.

After finding a club of interest, discuss safety concerns. Student should attend the first meeting with a responsible friend, make sure the meeting is legitimate and in a safe area, ensure the group is reputable, etc.

Discussion: Benefits

By participating in a community organization, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to make friends with similar interests
  • Develop a sense of belonging
  • Enjoy recreational and leisure activities
  • Gain experience within the community
  • Collaborate with others
  • Network


“We considered your interests and located groups of people who have similar hobbies. You get to decide if you want to attend a meeting. It may certainly be worth a try or two. You can bring the club meeting information to your parents and get permission to attend.”

Progress notes, data collection, comments, and modifications: