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Purpose of lesson: To learn the importance of contribution to a group through consideration of chores at the school or center, and to think about the value of chores for the group and individual.

Materials needed: Materials for specific chores (cleaning, office, or other supplies), materials for creating chore chart.


“People generally feel very satisfied helping others. When you’re helping others, you are a contributing member of a group. I want to show you how and why to contribute to the needs of our group.”

Discussion: How to Help

“There are many ways to positively contribute to our school/group. What can you do to help? Let’s brainstorm.”

Ideas for an agency setting include:

  • Wash, dry, and/or put away dishes
  • Sweep floor
  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Make snacks or meals
  • Clean counters
  • Wash inside and/or outside of agency car
  • Deliver paperwork to staff member
  • Water and tend garden
  • Answer telephone according to script
  • Shred paper

Ideas for a school setting include:

  • Sweep floor
  • Wipe desk
  • Tidy bookshelf
  • Deliver messages or paperwork to teacher or staff
  • Read book to a younger class
  • Care for class pet
  • Water and maintain plants

Discussion: Why help?

 “How do chores benefit you and your group?”

  • Become part of a team where everyone contributes
  • Practice doing your part in society
  • Feel satisfaction from helping the class/group
  • Learn skills
  • Practice a strong work ethic
  • Learn good habits such as respect, reciprocity, sacrificing for others, cleanliness
  • Foster good stewardship
  • Prepare for work through having responsibilities

Exercise: Chore

Develop a chore for the student, taking into consideration his skill level. Teach the student the steps involved and provide assistance that dimishes over time.

Exercise: Chore Chart

Develop a system for recording the completion of the chore, whether it’s a rotating chore chart or entering responsibilities into individual planners.  


“In order to learn the importance of contributing to a group and to receive help maintaining our classroom, we have assigned responsibilities to each student.”

Progress notes, data collection, comments, and modifications: