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Purpose of lesson: Awareness of various jobs through researching jobs held by family members and neighbors.

Materials needed: List of jobs held by student’s family members and neighbors, Internet access, student’s email account


“Are you curious as to how your parents and neighbors spend their day at work? Today we are going to explore the jobs of your family members and neighbors.”

Discussion: Family Member Jobs

Read the list of jobs held by student’s family members and neighbors. (The list should be prepared prior to lesson and should include approximately 5 jobs).

Ask student which jobs seem interesting and which seem undesirable.

Exercise: Exploration

Using CareerConnect’s job search tool and an internet search engine, student should research the job responsibilities and expectations, company culture (values, goals, and attitude), salary range, and path of advancement (if any) for each position held by family members.

Discussion: What was Learned?

Facilitate discussion on the specific positions: What did student learn and what are his thoughts on the jobs? Aspects of each he likes and dislikes? Are there any similarities between the positions? Having researched the positions, do any of the positions now seem desirable to the student?

Exercise: E-mail

Together, come up with a list of questions for the family members/ neighbors. Remind student to ask respectful questions, which includes not asking for the salary. Questions may include:

  • What are your job responsibilities?
  • What is your workload?
  • How many hours per week do you work?
  • What are aspects of your job that you enjoy?
  • What aspects are particularly difficult?
  • What are traits of a person who would likely do well in your line of work?

Compose an email to each family member. Include the following:

  • A friendly greeting
  • Reason for gathering information (career exploration)
  • Questions
  • A sincere thank you
  • Personal closing

Wait for and discuss responses.


“Today we explored the jobs of your family members and neighbors. Now you have a better understanding of each position and are able to explore jobs on your own. If you want to know more about a particular job in the future, you can repeat the steps we took today.”  

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