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After completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:

  • State who invented the braille code.
  • Explain how a braille cell is used to represent letters, words, and numbers.
  • Simulate his or her name in braille using printed dots.

Materials needed: A free alphabet card from the Braille Bug website; a print-out copy of the Braille Alphabet Key; optional: purchase the Special Offer (Braille Bug Activity Book and a slate and stylus).

Note: Prior to presenting this lesson to the class, the presenter will want to read the Overview to the Braille Bug website.

Activity 1: Celebrate Diversity in Reading and Writing  

  • Use the Braille: Deciphering the Code section of the Braille Bug website to teach students about the braille code. The webpage can be projected onto a smart board or overhead projector, or printed out for students to follow along. The lesson can also be set up as a self-directed learning center in the classroom.
  • After the students learn how the dots are arranged to make letters, teach them to write their names in braille by playing the Name Game. Additional games are on the Braille Bug site.
  • The Braille Bug website also presents additional activities for creating excitement about braille.


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