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After completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:

  • Use a website to complete research.
  • Use a technology device to take notes.
  • Create a resume.
  • State his or her own and someone else’s interests, skills, and abilities.
  • State three supports he or she will need to access for a successful work or college experience after high school.

Materials needed: electronic note taker, Internet access, printer.


 “Being able to complete research is an important work-related skill. At one time or another you may have read or heard about the legacy of Helen Keller. During this lesson, you will be asked to research and read Helen’s story from a new perspective.”

Activity 1: Skills, Interests, Abilities

1.         What are your skills?
2.         What are your abilities?
3.         What are your interests?

  • Ask the student to make a list of his or her skills, interests, and abilities.

Additional Resource from APH CareerConnect

Getting Started Exploring Careers: Tips for Career Exploration

Activity 2: Build a Resume


Additional resource from APH CareerConnect:

Sample Resume

Activity 3: Helen Had a Plan—Do You?

  • Helen Keller had many supports in place so she could pursue her postsecondary plans. Instruct your student to make a list of the supports he or she will need to access for the transition from high school into college, independent living, or employment.

1. Will you need housing?
2. Will you be able to manage your home independently?
3. What mode of transportation will you use?
4. Will you need help managing your time and money?
5. What recreation and leisure activities will you do to stay fit and healthy?
6. Who will you go to if you need orientation and mobility training at your worksite?

  • Ask your student to make a list of how he or she is an advocate for him- or herself. Challenge the student to find one way he or she can be an advocate for other people with visual impairments.


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