Activity: Student Work Appraisal

Key Considerations

Employers use work performance appraisals or evaluations as a method to record and evaluate job performance. Essentially, your supervisor will give you feedback about your job performance which includes your productivity, appearance, work etiquette, skills demonstrated, etc. If your supervisor indicates you need to make improvements related to your job performance, you will most likely be given time to do so and be made aware of the consequences if your performance does not improve. Evaluations are used by employers to promote, retain, and fire staff. In addition, pay raises are often generated by performance appraisals.


Use the sample work performance appraisal to obtain feedback from the supervisor of your work experience or internship. Ask your supervisor and others who observe your performance, such as your job coach, to review the appraisal with you. Accepting and learning from the constructive criticism you receive from your job performance is essential to you growing as an employee and improving your work-related skills.

Student Work Appraisal


Evaluation Period:

Volunteer or Paid Position:

Reported Absences:

Supervisor Instructions

Rate the student’s skills and performance in the following areas as Exceptional, Successful, Learning, Needs Improvement, or Not Applicable (N/A).

Manner of Dress:ExceptionalSuccessfulLearningNeeds ImprovementN/A
Dressed according to company dress code     
Represents company in a professional manner which is appropriate for varied work activities (presentations, business lunch, company picnic)     
Hygiene:ExceptionalSuccessfulLearningNeeds ImprovementN/A
Work space is clean of food and debris     
Stays home when ill     
Washes hands regularly     
Personal hygiene is kept (hair, teeth, nails, body odor)     
Productivity:ExceptionalSuccessfulLearningNeeds ImprovementN/A
Is punctual to work and to meetings     
Makes prior and appropriate notifications for requesting time off, to leave early, and arrive late     
Takes breaks on time and within scheduled time limits     
Uses time productively and efficiently     
Meets assigned deadlines     
Acceptable overall attendance     
Work Etiquette/Interpersonal Relationships:ExceptionalSuccessfulLearningNeeds ImprovementN/A
Knows and greets co-workers by name     
Cooperates with supervisor, co-workers, and subordinates     
Works well with others to complete a task     
Engages in appropriate office conversation     
Declines and accepts assistance with appropriate politeness     
Accepts and uses feedback about performance     
Assertively communicates when necessary     
Manages stress     
Abides by work rules and regulations     
Aware of and follows emergency procedures, company policies, and code of conduct     
Uses proper email etiquette     
Skills:ExceptionalSuccessfulLearningNeeds ImprovementN/A
Able to multi-task     
Communicates effectively using good oral and written communication skills     
Recognizes and solves problems     
Ask questions relative to task     
Detail oriented     
Job Performance:ExceptionalSuccessfulLearningNeeds ImprovementN/A
Quality of work is accurate and neat     
Quantity of work produced     
Demonstrates good judgement     
Has specific job knowledge     
Ability to work independently with little or no direction     
Seeks out new tasks     
Accepts additional duties willingly     
Takes pride in work     
Disclosure:ExceptionalSuccessfulLearningNeeds ImprovementN/A
Disclosed disability     
Discussed efficiency tools     
Uses assistive technology and/or efficiency tools for productivity     
Made request for reasonable accommodation(s)     
Overall Performance:ExceptionalSuccessfulLearningNeeds ImprovementN/A


Evaluator’s Name/Title:

Evaluator’s Signature:

Student’s Signature:

Reviewed with student by: