Activity: Disclosing My Efficiency or Access Tools

Key Considerations

As a teen or young adult with a visual impairment, using your efficiency tools are second nature to you. In fact, others around you don’t even question how you are going to accomplish an educational task or give a power point presentation. As you explore the world of work and obtain a part- or full-time job, this will change. You will encounter new people, perhaps some who have never met a person with a visual impairment or blindness, including your supervisor and co-workers. Potential employers and future co-workers may not realize you can complete the same tasks as the sighted employees in the same jobs and it will be your job to convince them how you use your efficiency tools to get tasks done.


Develop a disclosure statement you could share during an interview to clear any misconceptions an employer may have about your ability to complete the tasks associated with the job you desire.

How will your efficiency tools help you complete job tasks efficiently? Your disclosure statement should include the following (as applicable to your needs):

  • How you access printed information
  • How you access electronic information
  • How you produce written communication
  • A simple, easy to understand description of your efficiency tools