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Purpose of lesson: To examine social needs and determine enjoyable group activities.

Materials needed: Internet access


“Our current unit topic is learning to manage stress levels. We’ve discussed spending time alone on personal interests and today we will consider participating in group recreational activities.”

Discussion: Need for Socialization

“As we previously discussed, some people’s energy is recharged by time spent alone. Alternatively, spending time in a social setting is recharging for others.

Regardless of whether you draw your energy from spending time alone or with others, you are a social being. You have a need and desire to connect with and relate to others. Spending all of your time alone or with others isn’t emotionally healthy or balanced. An important part of managing stress levels is acknowledging how much time is ideal for you to spend with others and how much time is ideal for you to spend alone.

How much time per week do you currently spend by yourself? How much time do you spend with friends? Have you found a good balance of the two? How much alone time and social time do you feel you require?

This self-awareness is important. Suppose you need a great deal of time alone and are currently spending time with others every evening. You will be exhausted and stressed. Conversely, if you need a lot of social time and aren’t taking the initiative to make friendships and schedule activities, you will feel isolated and possibly depressed.”

Discussion: Social Activities

“We have already come up with leisure activities you can participate in independently. Today we will talk about enjoying activities with others in your peer group. For example, in addition to cooking as a means to relax and unwind, you can invite a few friends to your home and cook for them, enjoying the meal and social time together.

Based on your interests, what type of activities might you enjoy with others?”

Exercise: Planning a Social Activity

Have your student plan an activity, such as going to the movies, with a small group of friends. She should consider who to invite, the date and time, activity, cost involved, and transportation.

Discussion: Peer Groups

“If you move to a new town, how can you find close friends?” (meeting neighbors; joining a social club such as a book club, a recreational sports team, or a meet-up group that explores your new city; at church; through volunteering, etc.)

Exercise: Locating Peer Groups

Have your student pretend she is a young adult who recently moved to her current city. Have her use the Internet to locate possible peer groups to consider joining.


“Today we talked about your specific need for social time and alone time. We also determined social activities you may enjoy and you researched groups you could join in your local area.”

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