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Purpose of lesson: To learn the stress-managing benefit of exercise and explore types of exercise.

Materials needed: Internet access, exercise clothing, tennis shoes, music


“We have been talking about work-related stress. We discovered reasons for it and learned mental and physical responses to stress. I mentioned the importance of keeping stress levels down. Today we are going to focus on exercise as a means to lower and prevent unmanaged stress.”

Discussion: Why Exercise Lowers Stress

In what types of purposeful exercise have you participated?

Do you remember how you felt after exercising?

“Exercise releases endorphins, neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for telling the body it feels good. How nice would it be to have a regular surge of these ‘I’m happy’ neurotransmitters? Exercise manages stress not only because endorphins are released, but also because self-confidence is gained by exerting oneself and because the mind is distracted from work-related worries.”

Exercise: Individual Exercises

Have your student research exercise options intended for individual performance (workout video, swimming, free weights, stretching, gym equipment, etc.) Ask her to share which seem enjoyable to her.

  • Highlight the potential costs.
  • Discuss methods for making workout interests accessible.
  • If your student is unfamiliar exercise options, including gym use, coordinate and schedule an experience or experiences together.

Exercise: Workout

The student should choose an exercise activity or set of individual exercises. Motivational music can be played as student(s) and instructor exercise independently for approximately 20 minutes. Upon completion of the workout, discuss emotional and physical results.


“Today we discussed the stress-relieving benefit of individual exercise. You researched types of exercise activities and we worked out for 20 minutes! Next time we will highlight group exercise and team sports.”

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