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Purpose of lesson: To learn about financially supporting causes and individuals.

Materials needed: Internet access


“Over the course of this series on managing money, we have explored saving money, spending money wisely, avoiding debt, and investing. Today I hope to share with you one more benefit of intentionally managing your finances. If you have an income and are living within your means, you have the ability to financially help others. I think you will experience a joy and internal reward that comes from giving.”

Discussion: Finding a Cause

Ask the student what causes he cares about and would want to support. Maybe there is a group that benefited him or a family member in a time of need. Perhaps he cares deeply about sick children, feeding the hungry, the environment, rescuing animals, education, or economic development. Does he want to benefit the local area or a particular country?

“There will be situations that call for giving to an individual in need. You can be prepared to give anonymously. Additionally, consider the benefit of supporting an established agency, foundation, or charity that shares your goals. Acquaint yourself with the agency’s purpose and legitimacy, and learn where money is directed.”

Exercise: Exploring Agencies

Have the student explore the Internet to find an agency, nonprofit, foundation, or charity whose goals and philosophy mirror the student’s. Once found, locate a website (such as that researches the budget and overall transparency of the agency. Would the student feel comfortable supporting the desired organization?

Discussion: Conversation Starters

  • Do you think any causes or organizations are worth supporting with a donation?
  • How would you want the organization to use your money?
  • Do you prefer giving to an established organization or an individual in need? Why?
  • How do you think giving generously affects you emotionally?


“Today we talked about giving money to support individuals and causes.”

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