After viewing the Dress and Impress video answer the following questions:

  1. What were Aaron’s mistakes during his interview dealing with his “dress” or appearance?
  1. Can you list Aaron’s mistakes dealing with trying to “impress” his potential employer?
  1. How does Aaron impress the potential employer in the second part of the video?
  1. What are employers looking for out of a potential employee? These are addressed in the video. TIP: Also see Do You Wonder What Employers Are Looking For? in the Teen Section.
  1. What would be some things that a person who is blind and going into an interview should prepare for?  (Some of these are addressed in the video.)
  1. How does Aaron reveal or disclose his impairment or disability to the employer? You may want to use this as an opportunity to discuss the meaning of disclosure and what it means to disclose information about their visual impairment or disability. TIP: The Job Seeker’s Toolkit offers information on disclosure and disclosure statements.
  1. Ask your students how they might reveal or disclose your impairment or disability to a potential employer? (TIP: see Deciding When To Disclose Your Disability in the Job Seekers section.)
  1. How does Aaron address possible accommodations that he may need in the work place?  TIP: see Negotiating Assistance, also in the Job Seekers section
  1. What are some other ways your students could address their accommodation needs when speaking to a potential employer?
  1. If a student of yours were going into an interview with a potential employer, ask them how they would sell their self to the employer? TIP: see Interviewing Tips.
  1.  Have students list the traits that they possess that would help benefit a potential employer. They can think about this in terms of a field of personal interest.