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Purpose of lesson: To teach the benefits and process of delegating.

Materials needed: Internet access


“An owner is not the only individual in a company who demonstrates leadership. Most working environments are structured for individuals to bear responsibility over various groups of people, projects, or work-related duties. No matter the realm of leadership, a good leader understands her limits and seeks to delegate projects or managerial skills to trusted individuals.”

Discussion: Delegating

“This truth is freeing: We don’t have to master everything. If tasks A, B, and C must be completed for a work project, the best use of time and resources will likely include using the strengths of your team. You can complete task A, Jon can complete task B, and Sarah can complete task C. That way, the workload is disbursed and each member of the team contributes the skill he or she has mastered or is mastering.”

“A leader may delegate responsibilities in order to generate optimal results, develop the team’s full potential, and/or to make best use of time.”

Exercise: Student’s Career of Interest

The student should consider how delegation is at work within her career of interest.

Discussion: How to Delegate

The Art of Delegation and discuss specific delegation principles and techniques.

Exercise: Project

Inform a student group that they will plan a community service project, such as throwing a birthday celebration at a nursing home. Choose a project manager and coach her in delegating responsibilities.


“Today we learned the benefits and processes related to delegation in a work environment. We will have the opportunity to practice as tasks are delegated for our community service project.”

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