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Purpose of lesson: Teaching the principles of interacting well with others.

Materials needed: Internet access


“Interacting well with others is a natural outcome of respecting and valuing people. When you make decisions as an advocate for yourself or as a leader of a group, you must consider how others are affected. A good leader protects and appreciates his people. He doesn’t demand authority or action, but inspires action through establishing a vision and taking advantage of the group’s strengths.”

Discussion: Learn About Others

Teach the student to intentionally learn other’s interests, strengths, and goals. A genuine interest in others fosters harmony within the group. Additionally, a good leader will utilize each individual’s strengths, increasing job satisfaction and the group’s success.

Demonstrate by asking about the student’s interests, strengths, and goals.

Exercise: Nonverbal Communication

Have the student use the internet to explore nonverbal communication that demonstrates genuine interest for others.

Discussion: General Manners

“When advocating for your needs or requesting services, general manners must not be forgotten. Respect should be given to others at all times. Consider the consequences for rudely demanding action. Even if the group is capable and available, do they want to help a demanding leader? Consider the consequences for thoughtfully and respectfully requesting action. It is far more likely that others will want to assist you in reaching goals when mutual respect is demonstrated.”

Exercise: Requesting Action

Assist student in developing a respectful request for action for each of the following scenarios:

In school:

You want to use sighted guide in an unfamiliar environment.

You need a new magnifier.

You would like a braille note transcribed.

You want Jane to tackle a particular portion of a group project.

At work:

You need an employee to take care of a customer.

You must delegate tasks for an upcoming project.

You want to reward your team for their hard work by inviting the group to lunch.

You plan to ask the other restaurant assistant manager if he can swap shifts with you next Friday.


“While the dynamics of advocating for your needs and leading a group are different, the principles of relating to others are similar. The principles include considering how your request affects others, demonstrating genuine interest in others, utilizing other’s strengths, and properly making requests. These principles demonstrate respect.”

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