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Purpose of lesson: Search and apply for available jobs.

Materials needed: Phone, preferred note-taking device, video camera and playback equipment, Internet access


“Last time we discussed proper etiquette and attire for various jobs. Today we will look for available jobs, prepare for a possible interview, and you can finally apply!”

Discussion: The Hiring Process

Facilitate lesson with a motivating discussion such as, “How are you feeling about applying for a summer job? What type of people do you hope to work alongside?” Discuss the typical hiring process: Identify open jobs, apply, interview. Talk about how the interview might be informal, occurring when the student returns a completed application, or it can be scheduled for a later date. If student is chosen for hiring, an hourly wage and start date will be agreed upon.

Discussion: Preparing to Discuss Your Visual Impairment

To prepare for an interview, have students consider all of the accommodations they will need to successfully complete common job tasks. Talk about how each student should be prepared to explain his or her visual impairment and necessary accommodations to a potential employer in order to ease any voiced or unvoiced concerns.

Exercise: Mock Interviews

Conduct mock interviews with each student. Video or audio tape the interviews, and give each student an opportunity to critique and improve upon his or her responses. Suggested interview questions: What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Why do you want to work for this company? Describe your previous work experience. What is your availability? What are you compensation expectations?

Discussion: Proper Phone Etiquette

Discuss proper phone etiquette, including a friendly tone of voice, saying hello, properly addressing recipient by name (if known), introducing oneself, asking if the store is hiring, scheduling a day/time for application pick-up if hiring, saying thank you and goodbye.

Exercise: Finding and Applying to Open Positions

Seek available positions:

  • Begin with phone calls to each student’s desired work locations and facilities that require an increased number of employees during the summer months.
  • Drive to retail stores, facilities, clinics, etc. in which student is interested in working. Ask stores if they are hiring and pick up applications. 
  • Search in online newspaper or craigslist for hiring or volunteer notices.
  • Encourage students to announce that they are seeking a summer jobs to their social networks: family, friends, guidance counselor, doctor, etc.
  • Use personal data sheet to complete job applications.
  • Promptly return applications in person.

Discussion: Now What?

Talk about the next phases of the process. Hopefully students will receive one or more calls to set up interviews. If a manager would like to hire a student, discuss appropriate responses to a job offer: expressing thankfulness for the offer, asking when the job begins, confirming wage and hours, etc. Discuss potential training periods. There may be job-specific training that is usually paid for by the employer. Orientation and Mobility training can be scheduled, if needed. Talk about how to ask for the training a student needs.

Ask students for any questions or concerns about the process.


“Today we prepared for the application and interview process and proceeded to apply for open positions. Now we wait for responses.”

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