Name(s) of students(s): Age and grade level: Goal or objective from IEP connected to lesson: After completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:
  • Locate two resources for support and inspiration as a person with a visual impairment.
  • State two positive benefits of laughter.
  • Describe how laughter can change a potentially negative situation to a positive situation.
Materials needed: Note taking device, Internet access, and personal resource file

Discussion: Got Stress? Get Humor

“Have you ever heard the saying, ‘laughter is the best medicine’? During stressful situations or when you make a mistake, sometimes the best thing to do is laugh. If you are able to laugh at yourself and the mistakes you make, you will reap the benefits of having a good sense of humor. You don’t want others to take you too seriously or to find you unapproachable at work. Good employees are able to work well under pressure and to be successful in doing so it may be helpful to sometimes find humor in stressful situations. Through completion of this lesson, you will learn from VisionAware peer advisors how they have found humor in some very stressful and potentially embarrassing situations. I encourage you to use their perspective to be your personal best when under stress and to remember that humor can lighten up a tough situation at work.”

Activity 1: Peer Advisors

  1. Read Laughter Is Often the Best Medicine: A Series of Vignettes About Life’s Funny Moments and some of the vignettes posted on the Peer Perspectives Blog.
  • What did you learn from reading the articles?
  • Did you appreciate how each author used humor to cope with life’s challenges?
  • Does humor put others at ease during an uncomfortable situation?
  • Why would a sense of humor be an attractive characteristic to a potential employer?
  • Do others consider you to be “too serious”?
  • What can you do to be more light-hearted?
  1. Write your own vignette. Submit it to be posted on the VisionAware blog or share it with a peer.
Progress notes: Goal of next lesson: