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After completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:

  • State three benefits of cooking as it relates to work and personal health.
  • State three tips for independent grocery shopping.
  • Follow a recipe to prepare a dessert.

Materials needed: Note taking device, Internet access, access to a kitchen, cooking supplies, ingredients for Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (see Activity 1), and personal resource file

Discussion: Beyond Microwave Meals

“When you enter the workforce, a factor that will contribute to your success is how you manage your home life. If you are equipped with the skills needed to live an independent life at home, you will be less apt to have outside stress influence your productivity at work. An important aspect of contributing to your team at work is participating in social events. Social events give you the opportunity to make stronger connections with the people you work with, to learn more about your colleagues, and to have fun. Demonstrating confidence in social situations as well as the ability to get along with others will be beneficial to you, especially if you plan to be a leader or advance in your workplace. A responsibility to participate in luncheons, social hours, picnics, and other work-related social events is usually part of any job.

Cooking—in order to participate in a work potluck holiday party or similar event, and in order to maintain your own health and well being—is an important skill to master. You need to be self-motivated to increase your cooking skills beyond using a microwave to heat up a prepared meal. Of course, you could choose to buy something to bring to the company picnic, but being able to cook also has health and financial benefits. Cooking for yourself and packing your own lunch for work will save money, contribute to better nutrition, and give you the skills to make the food you prefer exactly the way you like it. In addition, knowing how to cook can help you build connections with others which in turn can lead to positive social interactions.”

VisionAware Resources on Kitchen Skills

For additional resources on building your confidence in the kitchen, read the following articles from the VisionAware website:

Activity 1: Cookies that Count

  1. Prepare the recipe for
  2. Share the recipe with your classmates.
  • How did sharing the cookies make you feel?
  • Could you make this recipe for a social event at work?


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