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After completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:

  1. State three different jobs at the AFB AccessWorld.
  2. Search O*NET online for information about careers.

Materials needed: Notetaking device, internet access


“While you were researching AccessWorld, did you think about how the website is maintained? What jobs do people hold at AccessWorld Magazine? Whose job is it to post new subscriptions? Who is the editor that you write letters to, offering feedback about the articles? Who completes the product evaluations? During this lesson you will learn about five positions that people hold at AccessWorld to make the publication possible. You will also explore O*NET Online, an online resource available to you to research and learn about careers.”

Activity: Learning About the AccessWorld Editor-in-Chief Position

“AccessWorld is one of several publications from AFB. The lead position at AccessWorld is the Editor-in-Chief and Manager.”

  • Instruct the student to navigate to O*NET Online and use the Occupation Quick Search function to search for the occupation “editor.”
  • Discuss the tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, education, wages, and employment trends of the occupation with the student.

“The Editor-in-Chief of AccessWorld is responsible for the following job duties:

  • Develops the editorial calendar
  • Manages the AccessWorld budget
  • Assigns articles to authors
  • Handles all invoicing of vendors, consultants,  and  authors
  • Edits articles
  • Tracks authors’ progress in regard to deadlines
  • Manages the work of all AccessWorld interns, authors, consultants, and vendors
  • Writes the Editor’s page for each issue
  • Writes a few articles per year
  • Sends out AccessWorld Alerts
  • Works to grow AccessWorld readership
  • Manages the promotion of AccessWorld
  • Oversees AFB’s technology content online
  • Manages administrative aspects of the AFB Huntington office
  • Manages AFB’s Information and Referral Center

Activity: Learning About Other AccessWorld Positions

Prior to beginning this activity, discuss the following questions with the student to ensure an understanding of the related concepts: What is an intern? What is HTML? What does it mean to invoice a business?

Four additional positions are required to produce AccessWorld every month.

AccessWorld Intern

  • Copyedits articles to AccessWorld  format
  • Markets AccessWorld  through social media
  • Assists with clerical and database functions

AccessWorld Final Format / Copy Edit Consultant

  • Completes final proofreading of all issue content
  • Edits HTML code pre-publication
  • Advises on HTML coding challenges

HTML Consultant

  • Completes the HTML coding of content for each issue

AccessWorld Author

  • Keeps abreast of new technology as it relates to people who are blind or visually impaired
  • Participates in monthly editorial meetings
  • Evaluates technology and writes individual articles
  • Submits articles in adherence to established AccessWorld style guide and deadlines
  • Responds to edits from AccessWorld  Editor
  • Invoices AccessWorld for completed work

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