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After completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:

  1. Search AccessWorld for information on transportation apps.
  2. State three efficiency tools people with visual impairments can use to increase their mobility in the community.

Materials needed: Notetaking device, Internet access


“What are your current modes of transportation? Are those modalities getting you where you need to be? What are your transportation concerns as you begin to attend college, start a job, or live on your own? Traveling independently is important for making social and vocational commitments. Getting out there is going to help you feel better about yourself and increase your connections with others, which may lead to job opportunities. The benefits of getting out there are countless. Transportation does not have to be a barrier to your social or work opportunities. Therefore you need to practice and learn skills that will give you access to a reliable and affordable means of transportation. In this lesson you will learn about transportation apps and read personal experiences about people traveling by bus and plane and with a guide dog.”

This lesson is self-guided. Encourage the student to explore and search topics of interest. Place an emphasis on finding efficiency tools that can facilitate and enhance independent travel for people with visual impairments. Emphasize how independent travel can lead to increased social and career opportunities.

Activity: Learning about Transportation Apps

Instruct the student to navigate to the AccessWorld website and search using the keywords “Uber App.”

Activity: Learning about GPS Hardware Units

  • Instruct the student to search AccessWorld using the keyword “Trekker Breeze Way.”
  • Read the product evaluation The Trekker Breeze Way-Finding Device by HumanWare, by Deborah Kendrick.
  • “Does the Trekker Breeze work well in vehicles? Why is the “adding landmarks” a valuable feature of the Trekker? The author indicates a user can review a route indoors before traveling? Why is this a helpful tool?”

Activity: Learning About Modes of Travel 

  • Instruct the student to search AccessWorld using the keyword “bus.”
  • Read All Aboard! Using the Amtrak and Greyhound Websites with a Screen Reader, by Janet Ingber
  • “Are the Amtrak and Greyhound websites accessible with a screen reader? Do you get a discount as a passenger with a disability on Amtrak? Overall, what does the author of this article recommend if you are considering planning a bus or train trip? Is there assistance available to you? Why is this important for you to know? What are the advantages of taking a trip via a bus or train versus an airplane? Disadvantages?”
  • Instruct the student to search AccessWorld using the keyword “driving.”
  • Read Driving with a Bioptic System: One User’s Experiences, by Ike Presley.
  • “Could you relate to the author’s sense of frustration when he was told he could not drive in Florida anymore? Did the author continue to travel and get out in the world despite not being able to drive?”

Optional Activity: Postsecondary Mobility Resources

This finds information for students about mobility resources after high school (when they no longer have an O&M Specialist working with them).

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