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  1. Identify two efficiency tools for use at home that could increase access and independence.

Materials needed: Notetaking device, Internet access


“Think about your life at home. Does it include the use of technology? Technology for you should cross over into your home life as it will give you greater access and make tasks such as filing your taxes online easier. AccessWorld product evaluations are designed to save you time and frustration with learning to use efficiency tools at home. As an employed adult it will be important for you to manage your home life efficiently and with care.”

Activity: Finding Information on Tools for Independence

The purpose of this activity is for the student to learn about efficiency tools that can increase her independence at home. Instruct the student to search AccessWorld for one or more of the topics listed below. The topics will also be the keywords the student can use for searching AccessWorld. After the student researches the topic(s) of her choice, generate a discussion to tie all of the efficiency tools together. Stress the importance of being efficient at home and work. Accessing social and leisure opportunities will increase energy and productivity. The cycle is continuous and accessibility and efficiency can be achieved in all areas. 

Topic: Talking Pill Reminder
Read AccessWorld News: Walgreens Launches Nationwide Program Offering Talking Prescription Devices for Customers with Visual Impairments.

Topic: Prescriptions
Read Accessible Prescriptions: An Update on Legislation and a Review of the Audio Talking Label from AccessaMed, by Bill Holton.

Topic: IRS Free File
Read Access Issues, Evaluating IRS Free File, by Dennis Walsh.

Topic: Accessible Money Management
Read Accessible Mobile Money Management: Evaluating Mint, Check, and MoneyWiz iOS Apps, by Bill Holton.

Topic: Online banking
Read A Tech Geek Talks Money: An AFB TECH Lab Rat Discusses the Accessibility of Financial Technology, by Darren Burton.

Read It’s in the Bank: A Snapshot of Accessible Online Financial Services, by Marc Grossman.

Topic: Stamps
Read Evaluating the Accessibility of Three Remote Postage Services:, the Desktop Application and Endicia, by Bill Holton.

Topic: Online shopping
Read An Accessibility Check of Popular Online Shopping Sites, by Janet Ingber.

Topic: Kitchen Appliances
Read Good News from the Big Box Store: Accessibility Features for Laundry and Kitchen Appliances Improve, by Bradley Hodges.

Topic: Talking Thermometer
Read From Fevers to Cooking Temperatures: A Review of Three Talking Thermometers, by Janet Ingber

Topic: Cordless Phone
Read Talking About Accessibility: An Evaluation of the Panasonic KX-TG6591T Cordless Phone, by Deborah Kendrick.

Topic: Weather
Read AccuWeather to Provide Emergency Weather Alert Information to the Blind and Print-Disabled via NFB-NEWSLINE.

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