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After completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:

  1. Search AccessWorld for information on access technology as it pertains to social media and accessible recreational opportunities.
  2. State the purpose of a book review.
  3. State three benefits participation in social and leisure activities can have on someone in their workplace.
  4. State one online professional network.

Materials needed: Notetaking device, Internet access


“Technology has changed the way we interact socially with not just our families but also our friends and colleagues at work. If you want to invite a friend to go see a movie, you are most likely going to send a text message invitation instead of calling on the phone. Do you sometimes find yourself wanting to learn how to use new social media such as Twitter but do not know where to begin? Do you need a cell phone but don’t know which one offers the greatest accessibility? During this lesson, you will tap into some resources to learn the answers to these questions.”

“Before proceeding, let’s talk about your social life! Yes, the things you do in your spare time besides tweet or surf the web. Not only is it important for you to know how to use the same social media your friends do but it is also important for you to get out there and enjoy the world. Participating in social activities can extend beyond the cyber world and you will reap many benefits from stepping out into the world to explore those activities. The social skills you develop now will benefit you as you move into the working world. As you develop confidence in your abilities you will be more inclined to try new things. AccessWorld frequently explores the accessibility of social media, cell phones, places such as Disney World—one author even explores a solution for boredom. The following activities will guide you in learning to use AccessWorld to learn about some social and leisure topics that may benefit you.”

Activity: Accessing Social Media

“In earlier lessons you read product evaluations. AccessWorld also publishes book reviews.”

Activity: Accessing Media for Leisure

  • Instruct the student to search AccessWorld by using the keyword “iTunes.”
  • Have the student read A New Music Streaming Service: iTunes Radio is Here, by Janet Ingber.
  • “The author provides information on how to listen to music using iTunes Radio. How might knowing how to do this benefit you as an employee? Do people at work listen to music? People you eat lunch with may talk about new songs or new artists. It is important to be in tune to your own interests but also to expand your interests so you can engage in conversations with your colleagues and friends.”
  • Instruct the student to search AccessWorld using the keyword “museums.”
  • Have the student read Access to Museums and Parks for Patrons who are Blind or Visually Impaired, by Joe Strechay and Tara Annis.
  • “Have you been to any of the cultural institutions the authors recommend? If you were planning a trip to one of the institutions would the authors’ perspectives be helpful? What did the authors encourage you to do? As a person with a visual impairment in your community, you will have many opportunities to contribute your feedback to assist institutions in becoming more accessible for not only your enjoyment but other people who might benefit from the same access.”
  • Instruct the student to search AccessWorld using the keywords “Disney World.”
  • Have the student read Walt Disney World Provides Accessibility for Blind Guests, by Deborah Kendrick.
  • “What was the author’s perspective on the accessibility of Disney World? How would this article help you if you were considering visiting the theme park? How can vacations benefit you as an employee?”

Activity: Accessing Cell Phones

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