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After completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:

  1. Search AccessWorld for information about accessible fitness products.
  2. State three different accessible fitness tools available to consumers with vision loss.
  3. State three benefits physical activity can have on a person’s work performance.

Materials needed: Note taking device, internet access


Prompt the student to think about his lifestyle: “What do you do to be healthy and active? Do you take walks or practice yoga? Did you know a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity? What, if anything, is preventing you from being active? Did you know that there is an array of technology available to you to assist you in being active? It is important for you to work on establishing a healthy and active lifestyle now. When you become employed and you are active, you will have more energy which will be important for helping you to keep up with the demands (both physical and mental) of your job.”

Activity: Cooper Kendall

Additional Fitness Activities

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