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Goal from IEP connected to lesson:

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Objectives for student learning: 

After completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:

  1. Log in to My AFB as a user.
  2. Navigate to the AccessWorld website.
  3. Explain the purpose of AccessWorld.

Materials needed: Notetaking device, Internet access

Guided Discussion

Prompt the student to think about her technology needs and how they are met. Generate discussion by asking the following questions:

  • Who assesses your assistive technology needs?
  • Who makes recommendations for the assistive technology that you are using?
  • Are you an active participant in your IEP team?
  • Do you assert your right to have a voice in the technology you use?
  • How do you find out about new assistive technology that may help you access printed and/or electronic information efficiently?
  • Is assistive technology limited to the tools that help you complete your class work for school?

“As you begin to move towards transitioning out of high school, you will need to take ownership of your assistive technology. You will need to know what tools can assist you in accessing all facets of your life from work to college to social activities to fitness activities to preparing your taxes at home. You will need to stay up-to-date about new technology and the legislation that has an impact on your access to the world. AccessWorld is an online publication that empowers you with the knowledge you need to make educated technology choices for yourself and to stay in tune with new technology trends as an independent adult. During the next several lessons you will learn the benefits of plugging into publications like AccessWorld while enhancing your career skills.”

Activity: Your AFB Profile

Have the student complete the following steps to sign up to become a member of the AFB community.

  • Navigate to the AFB website.
  • Select “My AFB” in the upper right corner of the webpage.
  • Select “Become a Member” to establish a user profile. Setting up a profile includes selecting and storing a user name and password, signing up for email alerts, and setting an email alert frequency.
  • Students with low vision can customize the appearance of the AFB site by selecting the “Change Colors and More” option. Students using screen readers may prefer to set the navigation bar position to the top or bottom. The settings selected will be saved and restored each time the student logs in.
  • After completion of the series of ten lessons, students who use an iOS device may choose to download the free AccessWorld app.

Activity: Introduction to AccessWorld

Guide the student in learning about the contents of AccessWorld Magazine.

  • Navigate to the AccessWorld website. The page can also be reached from the AFB homepage by selecting AccessWorld from the Publication drop down menu.
  • Have the student review the current issue of AccessWorld.
  • “What topics are included in the issue? (Editor’s Page, Interviews from the Field, Product Evaluations and Guides, Book Reviews, App Access, Access to Travel, AccessWorld News, Letters to the Editor, etc.) How many back issues are on the website? (AccessWorld begins with Volume 1 in January 2000 through the current month.) Can AccessWorld be searched for information? What is the function of the Search feature? What are the benefits of using the Search feature?”

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