Example Assignment

Joe’s Disability Statement

I am visually impaired and legally blind. I have an eye condition called RP or Retinitis Pigmentosa. This eye condition basically has deteriorated my retina from the outside to the inside. I see through a small “tunnel” of vision in each eye. The vision I have in the center is good usable vision. I can read with magnification on my computer by utilizing special software. I also use electronic speech through a screen reading feature on that software with one ear phone to allow me use the phone at the same time. I use a desktop device to magnify print materials or scan them and read them on my computer. I also carry a small handheld magnifier in my pocket, just in case. I have great computer skills that will allow me to be an asset to your business. I can read braille as well, but typically read print. I can demonstrate some of the technology that I use, so that you get a better idea, or I can direct you to a few web sites that show videos of it being used.

I know as a human resources representative that I will be organizing a lot of documents. I tend to scan them into my computer and save them in a file system. I always back up my information and feel electronic copies are the easiest. I am able to organize print as well. I label folders with a braille labels that I will provide. The labels are similar to a piece of tape with some bumps on it. I can show you an example.

Human resources personnel travel once in a while and I know that will not be difficult for me. I pride myself on being punctual and reliable. I utilize public transportation to travel and have not had any issues getting any around. If a bus is delayed, I will take taxi or find another method of transportation. I have built up a great transportation network. My vision is much better during the day than at night or in dark rooms. I use a white cane to help me travel efficiently through environments. I am very confident in my skills and think that I would be a great addition to your business. If you have any questions, please ask and I can answer them for you.

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