Example Assignment

Josie’s Interview Follow Up Plan


Hello, my name is Josie Armentrout. I came in to interview with Ms. Fishman for the Digital Assets Management Assistant position on May 1 and I wanted to check on the status of the hiring process. Ms. Fishman told me that interviews were scheduled to be completed on May 22. Do you know if a decision has been made yet?

If I got the job:

That’s great! I’m thrilled.
Do you have a moment to answer a few questions? Or is there someone who I can speak to about things like benefits and start date?
I’d like to give my current employer three weeks, which is their standard request for notice. Would that schedule work for you?
Can you tell me what benefits are available to me?
Is there an orientation for new employees?
Can I confirm the salary for the position?
Is there anything I need to do before my first day?

If I didn’t get the job:

Well, I am disappointed, but I really do appreciate the opportunity to interview. I really do want to work for Getty Images—does the HR department hold resumes in case an appropriate opening comes up?
Thanks again for your time.

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