Example Assignment

Part 1: Josie’s Job Lead Action Plan


Personal Network

I will contact, via e-mail, the following members of my network and ask for any information on jobs in the digital communications field, with an emphasis on web site development:

John Smith
Kerry Hartford
Akiko Tsuomo
Lynn Pitchkin
Professor Danforth
Lynn Paltrow


I will make an appointment with a librarian at the University of Kentucky, Louisville to see what resources they have available for finding job leads.

Professional Organizations and Associations

I found three organizations that I’d like to look into: 
Professional Association for Web Developers
University and College Web Professionals
Freelance Web Designer Network

I’m going to see if any of these associations have listservs and bulletin boards and what it takes to join or get the information.

The University and College Web Professionals association is having a conference in a month and I am going to look into how much it costs to attend. If I can afford it, I am going to sign up and begin preparation for networking during the conference.

Cold Calling

Right now there are three local businesses that I know I would love to work for: 
DBG design
University of Kentucky, Louisville, Communications and Student Recruitment
Fork and Spoon Web Services

I am going to contact each and talk to them about their hiring processes. I’m going to see if I can send them a resume now, even if they don’t have any positions open. I’ll ask them how long they hold resumes, and also ask them if I might come in to do an informational interview with someone.

Part 2: Job Leads List

Leads for Open Jobs
Site developer II, Fork and Spoon Web Services
Assistant web developer, Chrion Associates via Akiko Tsuomo
Communications manager, XO Communications 
Digital asset manager, Getty Images-Lexington via Professor Danforth
Digital asset assistant, Getty Images-Lexington via Professor Danforth
Web intern, Lexington Post

Leads for jobs without openings
DBG Design has the following positions in its employment structure: Web Developer; Assistant Web Developer; Web Manager; Digital Communications Assistant; Assistant Manager; Digital Asset Management; Web Intern (college credit only) 
Univ. of Kentucky Louisville has a huge quantity of communications positions and their human resources department says that the best way to learn about open positions is via their HR Web site. Right now there aren’t any open positions but they told me I should look every week. 
I’ve signed up for the listservs and have reviewed the bulletin boards for Professional Association for Web Developers, University and College Web Professionals, Freelance Web Designer Network. Right now, nothing available in my area, but it seems like the boards are active and the job postings are updated regularly.

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