Conducting a job observation.

There are few experiences that will be more valuable to a you as a job seeker then an opportunity to observe your job of interest being performed in the real working world. Aside from actually doing a job yourself, a job observation is one of the best ways to learn about the realities of any position. Before you proceed with this lesson, review the information presented in 2.4—the process and preparation are for the most part the same as those for the occupational interview.

Job observations require much more of a time commitment from both the employee who will be observed and the company for which he or she works. It might be challenging to find a company willing to offer this opportunity. Be persistent, use your network, see if your mentor has any contacts or ideas about places you might query.

During your observation, it’s important not to judge, criticize, or comment on what you observe. Your goal as an observer is not to assess how the work is being performed, but to learn as much as you can about what the job actually entails on a day-to-day basis. Look at the duties and responsibilities that are required and think about whether or not the reality of the position is appealing to you.

Remember to express your gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to observe. A thank-you letter is appropriate after this type of experience.

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