Example Assignment

Tania’s Self-Analysis Report

1. Personal Network: Mom, Jack (step-brother), John (brother), Jim (boy friend), Tim (cousin), Uncle Tom, Mark and Vanessa (Neighbors), Vincent and Loretta (neighbors), Jason, Mark, Tom, Joan, Sally, Marco, Sandra, Janet (friends), Mr. Pratt, Ms. Lacis, Mr. and Mrs. Correa (family friends). 
2. Feedback from Others (Strengths): Talented at sewing, organized, hard working, honest, helpful, dependable, practical, good with assistive technology, and good basic computer skills. 3. Interests: Sewing, watching movies with friends, reading mystery books, swimming, listening to punk rock music, camping with friends, going to concerts, doing research, clothing design, and computers. 4. Skills/Abilities: Sewing, designing and creating clothing, basic computer skills, swimming, teaching swimming, proficient in speaking German, good listener, and good math skills. 5. Values: family, friends, health, stability, and school. 6. Work Personality Code (Holland’s Code): A, R, C

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