Looking back on the work you’ve done in Module 1.

During this module, you did a lot of work on self-assessment, including exploring your interests, strengths, weaknesses, skills, values, and work personalities. You also defined and organized your network and set up a portfolio system, both of which will help you a great deal throughout your job search.

Now it’s time to look back at what you’ve learned and create a self-analysis report. This report will summarize of all of the areas we have covered in Module 1—if you’ve completed all of your assignments, it should be easy for you to put together.

You will be able to use this report in later lessons to help you determine how certain careers might fit your interests, strengths, skills, values, and work personalities. In the future, when you are looking at jobs and their duties, you can refer to the self-analysis report to help you asses how suitable a given position is for you. When preparing for an interview, reviewing the report will remind you of your strengths and areas to stress when interviewing. Over time, it will be helpful to go back and update the report as your skills, values, strengths, interests, and career goals evolve.

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