Example Assignment

Jamal’s Portfolio System

In designing my portfolio system, I spent some time thinking about all the information that has been discussed in this section and will explain my method of keeping these materials organized and easily accessible.

A) I have decided that I am going to use copy paper boxes that I was able to get for free from a local copy center business. These boxes will be used for each year. To organize the materials inside the boxes, I am going to use category folders that I bought from the Dollar Store. I am going to use labels, paper clips, a bold black marker, index cards, and tape as well.

B) I will label the boxes by year of creation of the materials. I will then have folders in each box that will be labeled using the following categories:

  • Work Examples
    reports, papers, assignments, projects, writing samples.
  • Certificates, Awards, and Evaluations
    certificates, awards, evaluations, training verification forms, transcripts, report cards, and other credential materials.
  • Other Materials.
    Playbills that note my name as an Assistant Director, the brochure about the organization I volunteered for, flyers that mention me, and other promotional materials.

C) I will label the categories and boxes using large print handwriting.

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