Example Assignment

Dan’s Work Personality

Part 1: Cafeteria Experiment

  1. R
  2. I
  3. C
Work Personality Code= RIC

Part 2: Work Personality Job Analysis

Dominant Work Personality: Realistic

Five jobs or professions

  1. Personal Trainer
    This job matches the strongest part of my current skill set, it’s a good match for my work personality, and I have really strong interest in it.
  2. Mechanic
    I chose this job because I have fairly good skills and it’s a great match for my work personality.
  3. Construction Contractor/Plumber
    This job matches my skill set (though I would need to hone my plumbing skills a bit) and my work personality. I also like that I could be self-employed as a contractor, which suits my values.
  4. Chef/Cook/Culinary Arts
    This job is a great match for my work personality and my interests, but I’m a little weak in the skills department.
  5. Civil Servant
    I’m including this job because it matches some of my values, some of my (weaker) skills, and some of my work personality. It’s not a great fit for any of them, however, so it’s probably not the best path for me.

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