Example Assignment

Silvia’s Inventory

1. Family 2. Friends 3. Love 4. Health 5. Independence 6. Transportation 7. Work 8. Security 9. Leisure/free time 10. Education

A decision that I made recently was whether to join the Young Writer’s club that meets after school for an hour a day, three days a week. I was very interested in joining this club at school because I really do like to write. I had to think about this, it was a big commitment; you have to make two meetings a week to stay in the club. I really value my friends and my free time; this commitment would take up a lot of that time. I had to think about whether I would rather write or hang out with my friends. I chose my friends over the club because I am a senior in high school and feel that most of us will be lose touch after this year. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my friends. I had to think about whether I valued work and school more then my friends. I have talked to the advisor of the club and will be participating in the spring semester. I know I will make some new friends in the club as well, but I want to spend this time with my current friends.

Silvia’s Analysis

I am considering my sister Aimee’s feelings as I look at colleges. She is my best friend and we are extremely close. The school I choose has to be close enough that she can visit often. Aimee is four years younger then I am. I have decided that I can only move at the most a two-hour bus ride away, so that Aimee can visit easily. I am taking her feelings into consideration and I also value my family and that relationship. Aimee values travel, I really do not value traveling, and she will not mind traveling to visit me once I move.

I have a totally different relationship with my brother Jorge. He moved across the country last year and I have only seen him once since then. Jorge does not value family as much as I do, but he did value warm weather.

If I were offered a job more than a few hours away, I would have to turn down that job. I know I would like to work near where I grew up. This is something that is important to me.

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