Example Assignment

Andre’s List of Skills

1. Public Speaking a. Sales representative b. Public relations/marketing c. Teacher/professor 2. Computer applications and programming a. Computer programmer b. Technical support representative/customer Service/information technology support c. Computer Sales/electronics sales 3. Communication a. Telemarketing representative b. Customer service representative c. Administrative Assistant 4. Woodworking a. Carpenter b. Contractor c. Carpenter’s assistant d. Sales Representative at Home Depot e. Inventory Database Specialist at a wood yard 5. Organizational Systems a. Administrative assistant b. Applies to most jobs/careers c. Office manager d. Inventory Specialist/Manager 6. Fluent in the Spanish language a. Translator b. Customer service/help desk c. International business work d. Work Sales at a business in a Spanish speaking community 7. Pottery a. Work in a pottery store b. Art Teacher c. Potter/self employed 8. Mathematics at a general level a. Sales representative b. Cashier c. Basic accounting or finance d. Office manager 9. Note taking a. Administrative assistant b. Transcription c. Paralegal d. Reporter/writer 10. Creative writing a. Writer (Novels, short stories, poetry) b. Reporter c. Copy editor d. Sales Representative: can use stories to sell customers e. Public Relations/Marketing/Advertising

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