Example Assignment

Dave’s Interests


1. Mathematics
2. Science
3. Reading science fiction books
4. Chatting online with friends
5. Old radio shows
6. Watching television
7. Hanging out with friends
8. Wrestling for the school team
9. Watching professional wrestling
10. Playing my guitar


1. Mathematics: I really enjoy the math classes I am taking in school and enjoy that a math problem is like a puzzle. I excel in math and would like to continue taking classes to help me progress. I know mathematics is used in many fields, including fields dealing with science.

2. Science: I also really enjoy my science classes in school, as I get to use math in these classes too. I also like problem solving and getting to do experiments.

3. Reading science fiction books: I enjoy reading science fictions books because it allows me to explore new and strange worlds. I get to escape school and meet persons and creatures with special powers. Reading is what helps me relax and allows me to learn. Reading is important to succeed in school and for a lot of professions.

4. Chatting online with friends: Chatting online with friends allows me to keep up with friends I have met, but I also get to make new and interesting friends around the world. This is helping me to expand my “personal network.” I get to go into chat rooms or forums and talk to persons with similar interests or I just get to vent about the day. This shows that I have good technology skills as well.

5. Old radio shows: I listen to old time radio shows because they have a lot of really descriptive mysteries that I really get into. Sometimes they include some science fiction elements. They are entertaining and I can access a ton of them through the internet.

6. Watching television: I like to watch television at home, usually with my little brother. I like to watch the crime dramas because they tend to use science and investigation to solve the cases. They are really mysteries and are solved through modern techniques. You can learn a lot by watching those shows.

7. Hanging out with friends: Sometimes I hang out with friends. We will go to the mall or just go to our friend Tom’s house. When we are at the mall, we fool around and try to meet girls. We really don’t shop while at the mall, it is more about meeting up with friends. We will eat at the food court or catch a movie.

8. Wrestling for the school’s team: I wrestle in the 135 pound weight class. I really enjoy being a part of the team, but also enjoy getting to compete one-on-one against someone. I have been wrestling for three years and have enjoyed it. We get to travel to other schools for matches and tournaments. I have also made some great friends who are teammates. The competition and practices force me to be in great shape physically and sharp mentally. You have to anticipate moves and to counteract your opponent’s moves.

9. Watching professional wrestling: I enjoy watching professional wrestling with my friend Peter and my little brother. We are all into it because it is so exciting. You never know what will happen. The wrestlers will be doing an interview and a wrestling match will happen. Sometimes the wrestlers leave the ring and grab chair or other objects to bring into the ring. All of the wrestlers have great personalities or characters. I know it is not like the wrestling I do in school, but it is really entertaining.

10. Playing my guitar: I learned how to play guitar in elementary school and have been playing ever since. When I am frustrated or need some time a lone, I will go to my room and just play my guitar. It allows me to relax and not think about anything besides the music. I want to start a band with my some of my friends. We have talked about it. The guitar has also helped me make some friends, I have met other people who play instruments and discussed the types of music that we enjoy and what are our favorite bands or musicians.

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