Example Assignment

Darlene’s Network Expansion Plan

I plan to join the organization Distributive Education Cooperative of America (DECA) at school. DECA participates in marketing competitions at the regional and state levels. I have been taking a few business courses at my high school and DECA utilizes the skills we learn in those classes. The organization gives the chance to network with other students from my school and from schools throughout the state and possibly country. I’ll also get to meet professionals from the field of marketing who serve as judges. There is also a possibility of winning scholarships to post-secondary schools. Joining DECA will allow me to showcase my skills in business and network with students and professionals interested in the same occupational field.

There is another organization called Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) that I can join. The focus is more on general business strategies, skills and structures of business. Both organizations will be important in expanding my personal network.

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